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Cook Island Trust Services

We are the world's largest incorporator of offshore Business Entities. We open Bank Accounts in the safest and most private jurisdictions and register more Cook Islands Trusts than any other offshore service provider. Our services have protected hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of clients worldwide and we have built our reputation through value of service, integrity and client satisfaction.

Our services are founded on asset protection and financial privacy through domestic and offshore legal systems. We form business entities in jurisdictions where privacy of ownership is the law. Plus, we open bank accounts in the world's safest financial harbors and are eligible introducers to Switzerland's safest banks. Our specialty is asset protection. Our business purpose is to protect and grow the wealth of our clients.

With over 100 combined years of business, financial and legal experience, we are able to recommend proven asset protection and financial privacy services at the lowest cost to you. Lawyers, physicians, business people and independently wealthy individuals have trusted us to establish asset protection plans. form the necessary business entities and open the bank accounts. The strategies we have developed is part of a well thought out protective financial and estate plan.

A Cook Islands Trust, for the right individual, is considered by many experts to provide the strongest financial protection available. Asset protection plans involving a Cook Island Trust also typically include a foreign limited liability company (LLC) and custodian bank account. The account is established in an offshore financial center. The most common jurisdiction is Switzerland. Our range of services include the necessary pieces to implement a Cook Islands Asset Protection trust based on the specific needs and feedback of our clients. We have strong relationships with financial institutions and can establish bank accounts with investor services and flexible minimum deposits. Our services can protect from $100,000 to tens of millions of dollars quickly.

Cook Islands Asset Protection Trusts

We create more offshore asset protection trusts than any other offshore service provider and our parent company was established in 1908. Many experts agree that the Cook Islands Trust is the strongest financial protection available. The Cook Islands is the only jurisdiction where the international asset protection trust has been proven extensively in their courts. You can take advantage of their legislation and implement an ethical asset protection and estate plan for about any financial situation.

Asset protection solutions for any creditor or litigation situation. Learn how and why the Cook Islands became the safest place to trust assets.

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Offshore Incorporation and LLC Formation

Offshore Incorporation and LLC Formation is part of a typical privacy and asset protection plan. We form Corporations and Limited Liability Companies worldwide in the safest jurisdictions. Typically a financial privacy plan starts with forming a business entity in a foreign jurisdiction with the a high ethical and legal standard, then opening an offshore bank account in the new company's name. This provides privacy of ownership and the new business entity can be owned and/or managed by a Cook Islands trust. The entity is usually an LLC, where you, as the settlor are the initial manager and signatory on bank company bank accounts. Your trust owns 100% of the LLC. The arrangement is specifically structured to give trust settlors substantial control when the legal waters are calm, and the option to relinquish the string of control to the licensed, bonded trustee when you are under legal duress. Your offshore business entity is a crucial part of a Cook Islands trust plan.

Private business formation services in the safest jurisdictions available.

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Offshore Banking and Merchant Accounts

Having an established offshore bank account in a strong, safe jurisdiction is critical to your protection. You can deposit all or parto of your funds into your foreign bank account. If you decide to hold some funds domestically, if the need ever arises, your domestic account(s) can be liquidated and funds can be transferred to your custodian bank account managed through your Cook Islands Trust. Waiting until the need arises to establish a foreign bank account could mean that your assets are within reach of your home jurisdiction's court too long.

All of the above is stated with the understanding that nothing contained herein is to be considered legal or tax advice. If such advice is needed the services of a licensed, knowledgeable attorney and/or accountant should be sought. Naturally, the legal tools discussed herein are inteded to be used for legal, moral and ethical purposes.

Our offshore banking relationships allow us to open bank accounts offshore in any jurisdiction you choose and we are an eligible introducer to Switzerland's safest banking institutions. We can open bank accounts in as little as 24 hours.

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