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Offshore Banking Formation Services

We open offshore bank accounts with the world's safest and strongest financial institutions.

When a Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust plan is implemented, a bank account is established. As stated elsewhere in this site, we establish a Cook Islands Trust and an international LLC. The trust owns 100% of the LLC. You are the initial manager of the LLC. The bank account is held in the name of the LLC.

Next, we establish the bank account in a strong, safe jurisdiction. This is usually established in Switzerland because it has a longstanding history of financial safety and security and the banks are some of the strongest and most reputable in the world.

So, once the bank account is established, funds are wired into the account. Your Swiss banker will contact you to discuss how you want your funds managed. For example, you can have your funds held in any combination cash, stock, bonds, gold or other options.

To maximize asset protection, the bank account is established in a bank that does not also have branches in the jurisdiction where the litigation is taking place. For example, if the lawsuit is in the US, the bank where the funds are held should not have US branches. The reason is that there have been cases where a local US branch has been threatened with fines until they cough up the funds in the account overseas.

We specialize in opening international bank accounts. When opening account for asset protection purposes, holding the account within a Cook Islands Trusts has repeatedly shown to provide for the strongest financial fortress. For many years we have worked with the world's safest and strongest financial institutions. Many of them offer managed investment services. As a result, our clients tend to see higher rates of returns than domestic accounts. Swiss investment managers can hold your investments US dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros or other currencies and offer a broader range of investment types.