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Offshore Incorporation and LLC Formation

We are the world's largest offshore incorporator.

There are many ways a foreign business entity is part of an asset protection, estate and financial privacy plan. Primarily, the function that the offshore corporation or LLC plays is that it provides privacy of ownership. We incorporate or form your business in a jurisdiction that suits your needs. Typically this is in a country that has stringent privacy laws protecting business owners. This allows you to create a private legal person that can own financial accounts and/or assets and can be managed by your or others. This allows you to centralize ownership and distribute control or management as best suits your needs.

Your private business entity will have a bank account in its name, located in a different foreign jurisdiction known for its banking safety and security, such as Switzerland. This helps to achieve financial security and protection. You can conduct business, own property and invest funds through a foreign owned corporation or limited liability company. This in itself does not provide rock solid asset protection, however having your company shares or LLC membership interest owned by a Cook Islands Trust does.

Offshore Corporations and LLCs are incorporated into a Cook Islands Trust plan by placing 100% ownership into your International Asset Protection Trust. You can be the manager of your offshore LLC or director of your offshore Corporation and have day-to-day control over the business entity, accounts and assets while there is no legal threat. If the time ever arises where you are facing litigation, the terms of your trust kick in and you are removed as the company manager or corporate director and your licensed, insured and bonded Cook Islands Trustee is appointed and will assume day-to-day management responsibilities. Trustees are duty bound to protect the assets of trust settlors for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries and follow the terms of the trust or management guidelines established when the trust was settled.

Most offshore asset protection plans will involve at least one business entity and sometimes two or more. This provides financial privacy and transfer of control should the trust settlor ever become the target of litigation.

What's Included

  • Organize and draft all of your business documents
  • Perform the initial structuring of your new business entity
  • Pay initial government license fees and other dispursements
  • Begin annual statuatory formalities
  • Complete walk through of all your documents

Optional Services

  • Offshore Office Programs
  • Nominee Privacy Program
  • Web-based email, DDI phone and fax lines
  • Complete Management Packages