Cook Islands Asset Protection Trust

The most powerful asset protection in the world is a Cook Islands Trust. For over 20 years, the Cook Islands has remained the world's safest jurisdiction for protecting assets. We specialize in designing, drafting and forming Cook Islands Asset Protection plans using Trusts, Limited Liability Companies and Banking Accounts.

Our solutions are customized to each client's requirements or expanded to incorporate specialized tools functioning as a seamless extension of your financial plan. With comprehensive services and an unparalleled commitment to our clients, let us protect your family wealth.

About the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a tiny 15 island chain in the south pacific set in the same time zone as Hawaii. It's a tropical paradise for fisherman, beach goers, scuba divers as well as offshore investors. The Cook Islands is self governing and is a fully sovereign state with a highly regarded judicial system. In the 1980's the Cook Islands was the first jurisidiction to create comprehensive asset protection trust legislation which made it the financial center it is today - the asset protection trust capital of the world. English is the spoken language and the country is in free association with New Zealand.


Cook Islands Trust and Asset Protection Services

Asset Protection Trusts

We create more offshore asset protection trusts than any other offshore service provider and have been in business since 1908.

Asset protection solutions for any creditor or litigation situation.

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LLC Formation

LLC Formation is part of all of our offshore privacy and asset protection plans, we form Limited Liability Companies worldwide.

Private formation services in the safest jurisdictions available.

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Offshore Banking

Our offshore banking relationships allow us to open bank accounts offshore in any jurisdiction you choose.

We are an eligible introducer to Switzerland's safest banking institutions.

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