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Asset Protection Trust Service

So that your trust documents may be completed, these are the steps that are involved:

  1. We email you the documents so that you can provide the proper, yet simple, know-your-customer information as required by Cook Islands law
  2. The legal department will ensure that your documents are completed based on the information you provide
  3. We will email you your trust for review and your signature

We establish the limited liability company or companies a part of your Cook Islands Asset Protection Plan

We establish the bank account for the trust and/or company(ies).

Once we receive a fax of the documents, the trust documents are drafted and emailed to you for your signatory.

You return the original documents and signed trust to us and we file the documents.

Once the trust is filed it is shipped to you in a custom binder.

What's Included

  • Organize and draft all of your trust documents
  • Perform the initial settlement of your trust
  • Pay initial government registration fees and other dispursements
  • Begin annual compliance formalities
  • Complete walk through of all your documents

Optional Services

  • Offshore Office Programs
  • Nominee Privacy Program
  • Web-based email, DDI phone and fax lines
  • Complete Management Packages